Employee Engagement: Top Priority for Executives in 2015

By Judy Bell, Judy Bell Consulting/HRO Partners   

February 25, 2105

Employee engagement… it’s that discretionary effort that employees put into their work…  especially when no one is looking!

Virgin Pulse and Workforce combined their efforts and teamed up to identify the top challenges organizations expect to face in 2015.  Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) there were 3 consistent themes around the focus areas for 2015.  

Executives polled listed these priorities for 2015, in order:

  1. Increase engagement                 90%
  2. Boost retention                           88%
  3. Improve employee well-being   83%

Managers polled listed their priorities as, in order:

  1. Talent recruiting and retention           85%
  2. Increase engagement                          84%
  3. Improve employee well-being             79%

Companies must find ways to measure employee engagement while at the same time increase engagement.   Health and well-being are integral parts of a balanced life.   Meaningful work is an integral part of a balanced life.   Full employee engagement leads to less turnover and increased retention in the right jobs and with the right employees.

Both executives and managers agree that the top 3 focus areas for the near future and beyond revolve around common areas and are all linked.   Let us help you measure and increase the engagement in your company!   

Call us to see how we can help.   901-737-0123


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