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Troopto: A Group Funding Platform for Workplace Gifts

Recently I sat down with Andrew Goei, founder of a group funding Start-up called Troopto. During our interview we discussed Troopto’s business model and Andrew’s unique outlook on business that has shaped his organization. This is the first of a two part blog series that will highlight Troopto and then describe my interview with Andrew. 

What is Troobar_graph_conference_400_clr_5943pto you might ask? Well imagine this scenario. It is a co-worker’s birthday and the entire office has decided to celebrate the occasion by pitching in to purchase a gift-card and house an in-office celebration. The only problem is collecting the funds. It isn’t that people don’t want to contribute, rather it is people don’t have cash on them, work remotely, or are even out on vacation. So the funds don’t get collected and the aforementioned birthday bash never comes to light all because there isn’t an easier way to pool office funds together. Well Troopto, a start-up and recent graduate from Memphis’ Start Co accelerator, has the solution.

The idea behind Troopto is a group funding website specifically designed for workplace gifts and collaborative Troopto logofunding. This platform can also be used for various crowd sourcing functions such as pledge drives for Greek life, paying your fantasy football dues, your best friends surprise party,  or whatever your group funding needs may be.

Troopto’s commitment to working tirelessly, bringing their clients the most simple and user friendly product sets them apart from products offering similar services. The site’s simple interface and unique features create a user-centric experience that anyone can use. Currently they are in their private beta phase and are looking to expose their product to HR and office managers alike.

For further information please visit Troopto and stay posted for our second blog piece coming out next week.

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16 Startups celebrating their graduation at Start Co.’s Demo Day

Here in Memphis, 16 start-ups will be showcasing their business concepts to local invest
ors, industry execk (2)utives, and the community at large at Start Co. Demo Day 2014. This event is being hosted by Start Co, which is a local Memphis company ran by Eric Mathews. S
tart Co. is a company that helps start-ups acquire the mentorship and guidance businesses need to expand. 

The 16 start-ups are graduating from one of four of Start Co.’s accelerator programs. According to Start Co., “accelerators provide $15,000 in seed funding, over 200 hours of technical and business assistance, connections to dedicated mentors, and to access to invaluable resources.” Start Co.’s mission is to “equip founders with the skills, experiences, and connections to turn their start-up into a successful business.”

The keynote speaker is the Honorable Edward B. Montgomery, a dean and professor of economics at Georgetown and formerly a Chief Economist US Department of Labor under Bill Clinton and Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers under Barack Obama. 

The event will be held at the Orpheum Thea
ter in Memphis, Tn on August 21 at 1pm. The event is free to attend. There will also be a invite exclusive party at 9pm at the Hard Rock Cafe.

To Register for this event click HERE.



The 16 companies graduating from the accelerator programs are 

  • Troopto – Private crowdfunding for the workplace
  • Phase – Schedule multi-player games without the hassle
  • Pickle – Crowdsource any opinion in less than 2 minutes
  • Well Done – Full featured tablet POS for independently-owned restaurants
  • ORB – High fashion backpacks designed to protect
  • Play-Tag – Smart bluetooth dog tag and LED alert system
  • eDivv – A marketplace for trading excess beauty products
  • Cabsolutely – One cab dispatch API to rule them all
  • Barter Sugar – Bartering platform for small businesses to trade goods & service
  • Graph Story – Graph database-as-a-service
  • Extra Rail – Airbnb for the railroad industry
  • Logistadvise – Platform that matches companies with supply-chain transportation
  • FuelFilm – An accelerator for the film industry (non-profit)
  • The College Initiative – Prepares students for the application & college experience (non-profit)
  • Care2Manage – Simplifies organization & management for families caring for aged loved ones.
  • CoreFire Commandos – an interactive game & web-based portfolio to track the progress of students
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Best Way to Fire an Employee: A story of How Jim Tobin “Ignited” a conservation

Tragedy struck at Ignite Social Media once they lost a major contract with Chrysler, forcing Ignite’s executive leadership to make cut backs. Ultimately, they decided fire the majority of their employees on the Chrysler account. However, what Ignite did next makes this typical corporate layoff story different from others.


Jim Tobin caught in action

Jim Tobin, president of Ignite, decided that since the firing of their employee’s was due to extraneous circumstances he would make a guarantee. A guarantee to the future employers of their former employees, that if they hired there recent employees and subsequently fired them based on poor performance or character reasons, Ignite would compensate that organization 5,000 dollars.

But it doesn’t stop there because Ignite is allowing their former employees unlimited vacation time to attend job interviews and seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

Jim Tobin proclaims that he believes in the group of individuals he had assembled and that any organization would be lucky to have them. Jim’s actions enact “putting you money where his mouth is” or “walking the talk.”  But more importantly, his actions let his former and current employees know that he believes in their talent and capability. Many companies would hardly go as far to write a recommendation letter for former employees but with Jim Tobin at Ignite that is not the standard. Continue reading




How to use social media for marketing purposes

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Emjoyment: The Future of Employment Recruiting?

“Swipe Left” is a term commonly associated with the dating/hook-up app tinder, where users are matched together because of a mutual interest based on individuals swiping the pictures presented in front of them. But the idea of swiping might evolve from the simple dating app to the recruiting/employment realm due to the release of the newenjoyment app called “Emjoyment”. This application builds upon the premise of Tinder by allowing users to see potential employment opportunities instead of dates.

The principle is that someone who is seeking employment can cruise through job postings and swipe the opportunity that garners their interest and on the flip side employers can swipe through potential candidates based on their resumes. If both the candidate and organization swipe right then they are matched together. This eliminates the painful process of candidates having to write a cover letter for each job posting and also saves the company precious time by removing strenuous recruiting processes. 

This tech startup might be on to the right road by expediting the recruitment process by bringing companies and potential employees together.Only time will tell if this app will take off and become a frequented recruiting strategy but with 50% of job searches occurring via mobile technology this burgeoning recruitment app just might cement itself as the future of employment sites.     

Emjoyment is currently available on Itunes and is based exclusively in San Francisco and New York City but hopes to expand to different app platforms and cities down the road.