“Importance of Employee Engagement”


In this highly competitive age we live in, organizations are continuously attempting to garner a significant edge and create engaging environments for their employees. This is because an engaged employee is much more productive and valuable to an organization than one who is not. For example, Zappos is a organization that is linked with having significantly engaged employees largely in part to their company culture stressing community, creativity, and innovation. The strength of their culture has been cited as one reasons for their high levels of performance and retention because their employees feel connected to Zappos.


Companies should all strive to manifest a similar type of culture that is naturally engaging for their employees. This is because employee engagement is highly correlated with higher levels of employee retention, performance, customer satisfaction, and commitment to their work and it has also been reported that over 70% of employees are listed as not being actively engaged. But it is still a very difficult task to change an organization’s culture because many companies don’t understand where their employees stand on a level of engagement.


That is why here at HRO Partners we are excited to announce that we are implementing an employee engagement survey into our new surveying service. We hope to expand upon our already robust consulting solutions by quantifying the results of our employee engagement survey. We here at HRO Partners can make specific and customized consulting strategies for your companies future growth and expansion.

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Hope you have an engaging day!