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Learn How Proposed Overtime Rule Changes could Change your Business Forever


The Department of Labor has dramatically increased the number of employees who must be paid on an hourly basis. This change forces employers to consider the implications in employee compensation such as

  • Will cause millions of employees who have been classified as exempt to become non-exempt, and be paid on an hourly basis
  • Will there also be a change to the duties text for exempt employees
  • Will the DOL adopt the new threshold, or will the department implement a different standard

Due to recent and proposed changes to Federal labor laws, HRO Partners is hosting an educational event to explore the implications of these proposed changes. So, please join us on September 30th between 8am-10am, at the Great Hall and Conference Center (Link in Google Maps).

Employers of all sizes must be aware and prepared for these sweeping changes.

Our esteemed panel of experts will include:

  • Cynthia Thompson – Publisher & Editor, HR Professionals Magazine
  • Jonathan Hancock – Labor & Employment attorney, Baker Donelson
  • Whitney Harmon – Labor & Employment attorney, Baker Doneslon
  • Mario Musarra – Compensation Manager, TruGreen

Special keynote by Jonathan Hancock, Labor & Employment attorney with Baker Donelson.

To register for the event or to learn more please visit this page.

For more information, please email or contact Katelyn Tusky at 901-737-0123

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3 Ways to Become a Service Oriented Leader

3 Ways to Become a service Oriented Leader

By Danny Gattas

Leadership is heralded as being one of the most vital and crucial elements in driving innovation and change within organizations. It can mean the difference between success and failure; so it should come as no surprise that thousands of books, articles, and seminars are disseminated for the public’s benefit. As saturated as leadership advice is there are numerous approaches that distract the masses from the most effective leadership strategy, the service oriented leader.

A service oriented leader is someone who thinks first of others rather for themselves, cares about the individual needs of all of their followers, and is fixated on fighting for what is best.

Albeit a simple definition, enacting this type of strategy  is an extremely difficult task but is accompanied with high rewards. That being the case there are three simple ways to become a service oriented leader.

1. Pay AttentioFeatured Image -- 609n

Any leader must be astute to the needs of their organization and followers because if you don’t adjust to meet these needs then failure is imminent. This requires leaders to constantly adjust, acclimate, and assert the best strategies to instill the required mechanisms are in place. Leaders ability to successfully accomplish this is paramount to their survival and development.

2. Value and Recognize Accomplishments 

A common misguided notion is that people will stay at an organization based on monetary compensation rather than recognition because at the end of the day people report being more satisfied and engaged when they receive regular recognition. It is also true that leaders who recognize their employees more frequently report higher levels of production and engagement. So recognizing your followers accomplishments is both vital to being a service oriented leader and also to increasing production.

3.Be Adaptive

Someone once said, “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” and being a leader is very similar to that idea because quality leadership requires someone to constantly adapt to situations and employee trainingalways be prepared to put out arising fires. That requires individuals to consistently rely on their intuition and gut feelings to surmount the occasion.  This doesn’t mean that you should not attempt to formulate a plan but always be willing to arise to the occasion and adapt to any situation.

HRO Partners is always here to best meet your business consulting needs so please feel free to reach out to us at 901-737-0123 or by email at

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Trusted Adviser

Featured Image -- 609At HRO Partners, we truly value the relationship and needs of our clients.  Whether it is training, surveys, executive coaching, compensation analysis, or talent acquisition, our compassionate and savvy leader, Austin Baker, fixates on building our business the right way without compromising the process.

And so we aim to be a trusted adviser – someone who wants to grow our client’s brand, culture, market strategy, and vision.  We do not adhere to a cookie-cutter approach that slows development, we are committed to our clients because we care about their future and their businesses.

Our firm selected to read Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford so we can embrace this approach holistically.

We will condense this book’s concepts in a blog post in the coming months; keep an eye out for these highlights and feel free to comment with your own consulting experiences/tips on how we all can be trusted advisers in the business world.

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4 Reason Why Lebron Returning Home is Great for Cities like Memphis

lebron-james-300x297Thanks to excessive media coverage everyone knows that Lebron has made his monumental decision to return to Cleveland. This time, Lebron released his decision via an online Sports Illustrated article where he stated motivations behind his decision to return. Altruistic incentives such as  being a community figure, serving as a role model, and doing what is best for his family were a few of his motivators to return home. Also in his statement, Lebron expressed his gratitude and thanks for experiences in Miami, along with his adoration for his teammates. All of this shows the signs more mature Lebron who aims to embrace a community, that lets face it, has seen better days.

Better yet, Lebron likened his decision to “take his talents to South Beach” to a highschooler leaving their hometown to attend college to develop his skills, knowledge, talents, and mature; a transitional experience that Lebron forgo by declaring his eligibility for the 2003 draft. Similar to a college student post graduation, Lebron, aware to how positively his impact would mean for his community, returns home for all the right reasons

Many people, especially the Cleveland Faithful, will never forget Lebron’s decision to return home because his decision provides hope to a community that sure could use some.  Lebron’s decision is great for many blue collar cities similar to Cleveland for numerous reasons. Take for example a city like Memphis, a blue collar city that certainly has seen brighter days. Here are four reasons why Lebron’s Decision to return to Cleveland is great for Memphis. memphis

1. There is no place like home.

  •  Most people would agree that Miami is a more attractive city than Cleveland on the surface but in Lebron’s case the benefits of being near his family and friends coupled with accomplishing great things in his hometown meant more than living in the glamorous Miami. That is why Lebron’s decision to return home shows the world that our hometowns warrant a very special place in all of our hearts. Also, his decision shows youths across the world that there is no place like home, something any Memphis can identify with.

2. Keeping local talent  

  • It is always the prerogative of any city to keep the local talent because it embeds progression and fuels growth for years to come. Also, cities that have higher concentrations of talents locals who choose to stay in their cities statistically have more engaged communities.  Memphis, specifically would greatly benefit from keeping its local best and brightest here in the Mid-South so that our community can continue to burgeon and show promise. The decision for Lebron to return home shows millennials, who are more mobile than any previous generation,  that they can return home and positively impact their  hometowns.

3. Good  Role Model for Children

  • Lebron understands that his decision to return to Cleveland in lieu of returning to Miami will present numerous challenges. One of those being that he is no longer surrounded with experienced NBA champions. Cleveland is a team full of young whipper snappers like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins-if they decide to keep him- but according to Lebron he is ready for the challenge. Memphis is a great city but that doesn’t mean it isn’t void of challenges. From a struggling school system, to a unbalanced budget, and a history of political corruption, Memphis could use some help in numerous areas. Help from people who are up for a challenge and want to make a positive impact in a lovely community. That is why when the mass public witnesses Lebron choose the more difficult road over the easy path it encourages people to push themselves and aspire for greatness.

4. Lebron Stayed in the East

  • Lebron’s decision to stay on a team in the Eastern Conference instead of move to an already uberly competitive Western grizzles
    division is fantastic for our home town heroes, the Memphis Grizzles. The Grizzles are a consistent playoff contender looking to get over the hump and become a serious player to make it to the NBA finals, which would have become more difficult if they had to out play any team led by Lebron. Until Lebron had made his decision, as a serious Grizzles fan, I was still anxious he might migrate to a Western Conference Team.


Quote of the Day

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” -Mark Twain

Remember, saying you will do something and actually doing it are two different things.

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