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16 Startups celebrating their graduation at Start Co.’s Demo Day

Here in Memphis, 16 start-ups will be showcasing their business concepts to local invest
ors, industry execk (2)utives, and the community at large at Start Co. Demo Day 2014. This event is being hosted by Start Co, which is a local Memphis company ran by Eric Mathews. S
tart Co. is a company that helps start-ups acquire the mentorship and guidance businesses need to expand. 

The 16 start-ups are graduating from one of four of Start Co.’s accelerator programs. According to Start Co., “accelerators provide $15,000 in seed funding, over 200 hours of technical and business assistance, connections to dedicated mentors, and to access to invaluable resources.” Start Co.’s mission is to “equip founders with the skills, experiences, and connections to turn their start-up into a successful business.”

The keynote speaker is the Honorable Edward B. Montgomery, a dean and professor of economics at Georgetown and formerly a Chief Economist US Department of Labor under Bill Clinton and Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers under Barack Obama. 

The event will be held at the Orpheum Thea
ter in Memphis, Tn on August 21 at 1pm. The event is free to attend. There will also be a invite exclusive party at 9pm at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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The 16 companies graduating from the accelerator programs are 

  • Troopto – Private crowdfunding for the workplace
  • Phase – Schedule multi-player games without the hassle
  • Pickle – Crowdsource any opinion in less than 2 minutes
  • Well Done – Full featured tablet POS for independently-owned restaurants
  • ORB – High fashion backpacks designed to protect
  • Play-Tag – Smart bluetooth dog tag and LED alert system
  • eDivv – A marketplace for trading excess beauty products
  • Cabsolutely – One cab dispatch API to rule them all
  • Barter Sugar – Bartering platform for small businesses to trade goods & service
  • Graph Story – Graph database-as-a-service
  • Extra Rail – Airbnb for the railroad industry
  • Logistadvise – Platform that matches companies with supply-chain transportation
  • FuelFilm – An accelerator for the film industry (non-profit)
  • The College Initiative – Prepares students for the application & college experience (non-profit)
  • Care2Manage – Simplifies organization & management for families caring for aged loved ones.
  • CoreFire Commandos – an interactive game & web-based portfolio to track the progress of students
Quote of the Day

Quote of the day

“Every failure is a step to success.”-William Whewell

Quote of the Day

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.-Lao Tzu

Sometimes the hardest part is just starting a task.

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“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”

John Wooden


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7 Genius Leadership Tips from True North

Frequently, the news highlights the misdoings and grievous errors of leaders who have seemingly lost their sense of morality. Rather it be a militant dictator, foolish politician, or a corrupt CEO, we are consistently shown images of leaders that cause us to wonder how someone devoid of integrity ever garnered power.

This absence of integrity represents a significant challenge that plagues many leaders and is addressed in Bill George’s book True North. Bill George, a former CEO and current Harvard Professor, illustrates numerous successful leaders along with his personal journey to becoming an effective leader.

Bill George, author of True North.

George claims to obtain the skills to be an effective leader by following his “True North- an internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level.” And “is based on what is most important to you, your most cherished values, your passions and motivations, the sources of satisfaction in your life” (True North, xxiii).

George’s idea that leaders who follow their “True North” will be more likely to garner success and thus become an “Authentic Leader”, which is a leadership style that establishes a leader’s legitimacy through genuine interactions with followers and valued support.

In True North, George describes numerous methods to become a highly effective leader and all the while remain true to who you are as a person. The leadership philosophies expressed in this book are simultaneously genius and sensible, expressing numerous leadership tips. Highlighting some of his tips, here are seven smart tips to becoming an authentic leader derived from the book True North. Continue reading